Nanowrimo but not really: A confession.

Nanowrimo is a writing phenomenon that takes place every November. It stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it’s really great. The challenge is to write a 50,000 (I think?) word novel in 30 days — all of November. It’s about just getting your words down on the page, and not worrying about editing or reviewing or revising. Just write. Every day. For 30 days.

I tried it once, a long time ago, because I had an idea for a story, though it really was more of a short story idea. I didn’t write much but I enjoy the bit that I did. After that I did some other variations of Nano — writing a LiveJournal post every day, just making the time to work on a writing project every day, and now using it for my dissertation.

I’ve done a word count including the whole dissertation so far, the analysis spreadsheets, and the memoing. I don’t really have a word count goal but I do like seeing that big number every day when I update.

So it’s sort of like cheating, because I’m using the Nano website and word count widget and, well, the idea I guess. But it’s a good motivator for me, and I like that there are thousands of people trying to get down as many words as possible at the same time.

I should write every day. If I’m not working on the dissertation (which I darn well should be), I should be writing my Rise-Out curriculum. Or Christmas cards. Or letters. Or something. I should write every day. I should do a lot of things every day, like eat better, be more active, find the perfect job, finish every last thing on my to-do list, stay organized. There should be a National Get Everything Done Month.