This vs. LJ, etc.

I have been using for a long time. I use it for a lot of things, and though its popularity has been declining lately, I still enjoy it and feel the need to keep it. I don’t really blog there — I don’t really blog at all, though I like to think I have some interesting things to say. I sometimes write about blog-worthy topics, but for the most part I just write about my day, my life, my plans. I don’t expect comments, but those are nice. And I read other LJers’ posts. I enjoy those a great deal. I also go back and read my (and others’) old posts — it’s really great when I’m trying to figure out what we did at the last Midweek retreat, for example, or how I spent a certain holiday or birthday, or how long have I been going to the pub for karaoke. It’s a witness to my life.

I also use Facebook and a bbs (bulletin board system — a text-only, DOS-based online community) that I’ve been part of for even longer than LJ. And as I get more and more comfortable using the internet/technology to keep myself organized, I am relying more and more on my cell phone, Dropbox, OneNote, and other apps/tools.

Yet I ordered a new paper journal. I backed it on Kickstarter, and I’m very excited about getting it this week. I can’t completely let go of using a paper journal to stay organized, though I know it won’t be the first place I look for my lists/calendar/etc., the way it used to be. That’s okay, I’ll consider it to be a transition from paper to online organization.

Ed and I could use Google Calendars to stay connected in terms of schedules. Yet we have a printout of the next couple of months on his kitchen table. It works. I still print a packing list, and all my travel documents. The information I’m using to create the Rise Out writing course is mostly printed and in a folder. It’s a process.

Anyway, this isn’t what I wanted to post about. I wanted to post a list of topics that I might want to blog about. Because I don’t want this to just be another LJ. I want it to be something with a bit more substance. Not sure if I have it in me, but we’ll find out.

    Writing my dissertation
    Designing a writing course
    Job search and opportunities
    Ed’s illness
    My kids’ lives
    Things going on with friends that make me feel [something]
    Other family stuff (not sure what that is right now but there’s always something)
    Learning to play pool and why it’s important
    Parenting stuff
    Book/article/research ideas
    Other projects (home, research, self-improvement, organization, kids)
    Holiday stuff
    Lessons from Aunt Grace
    Books I’ve read, including audiobooks