One little word.

I came across a blog by a woman named Ali who I think is a crafty, scrap-booking person. I’m not sure, but I didn’t dive in terribly deep. The post I saw caught my attention, and I’m thinking about using this concept instead of a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that.

One Little Word.

I like it. I’m a word girl, and I like the idea of choosing one word to remind me of the things I want to focus on, accomplish, prioritize during the next year.

My word is “strengthen”.

I want to strengthen my body (and help Ed continue to strengthen his). I need to strengthen my financial health, my career, my relationships, and my resolve to Get Stuff Done and stay organized (just one part of my stress management system). 😛

I thought about using the word “health” — physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, mental health, healthy relationships…it’s a good word and it covers all the bases, but it’s so…ubiquitous…I know I’d just stop seeing it a lot sooner than the verb I chose.

Also, “strengthen” is incremental. I can strengthen my financial health or my body in small steps. I can ask myself if I did something each day to strengthen myself or my friendships. That’s a much more manageable task (and will lead to more success) than the Big Challenge of “Did you achieve financial HEALTH yet?”

See what I mean?