Welcome to Embracing the Chaos

Welcome to heidisandler.com. Not sure if this will be a blog, a writing portfolio, an online resume, a resource center, or something else. Likely a little bit of everything.

About Me:

Woman. Mother. Writer. Girlfriend. Doctoral Candidate. Dissertation-finisher. Suburbanite. Single parent. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Cousin. Niece. Curriculum-writer. Editor. Proofreader. Teacher. Homework Helper. Caregiver. Facilitator. Meeting Designer. Leader. Trainer. German Speaker. Psycho Planner Chick. Control  Freak. Karaoke Singer. KJ. Volunteer. Youth Group Leader. Christian. Reader. Board Gamer. Traveler. FlyLady. Merit Badge Counselor. List-maker. Lyric-poster. Advice-giver. Goal-setter. Wishful-thinker. Blessing-counter.